Thursday, November 25, 2010

Preposition Paragraph

Write a descriptive paragraph using prepositions. Post your paragraph as a comment. 
The following example contains prepositions in bold:

My neighbor said she wanted to ask me for a small favor. Little did I know what was in store for me when I agreed to feed her cat. After my neighbor left on her trip, I walked across the street to her house. Once I got inside the house, I was overwhelmed by the stench of cat urine. I looked around the house and couldn’t believe what I saw. My eyes fell on two salad dressing containers sitting on a table beside the couch, which was completely covered with dirty laundry, except for this one worn area by the table. The volume on the TV was turned up all the way. In disbelief and despite my better judgment, I walked toward the restroom. Around the base of the tub I saw these red velvety mushrooms coming up between the tub and tile floor. This filth was beyond anything I’d ever seen in my life. Within two minutes the cat was fed and I was out of there. Since she returned from her trip, I have never been available to watch her cat again.
-- Mechanically Inclined

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  1. thanks for this article. I learned how prepositions are used.